Be Kind Be Brilliant

Being in people business, I am exposed to different types of people.  Very raw at times.

Especially, in our fast-paced world, many tend to neglect or override one’s feelings and/or emotions.

In Singapore, we are not spared either.

In any case, lets try to exhibit kindness and others might reciprocate, if not from the person you offer kindness to; there might be another person who would mirror image our kind deed.

The Cycle is Imminent.

I will not dwell on things that I have done right or any kindness by nature but I wanna share what a beautiful soul has done for me, not expecting any in return.

Its the thought that counts.

Few days ago, passing my time, I walked into a Swarovski boutique. Looking at crystals and jewellery, I stumbled into a stunning piece.

A piece of Ring.

Beautiful Arrangement.

S$249.00 is the Pricetag.

Into my late 30s now, I have tappered quite a bit on my impulse shopping, and so while gazing into the coloured crystals and stones, quite hesitant to buy or not to buy, a lady came to me and she is a familiar face.

An aquaintance, a pleasant one. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Abruptly she said, “go get it, look good on you definitely”.  I said “not sure I would wear it”

Instantly, she said “you just need to pay S$99.00”.


Who pays the S$150.00 more? 🤔



💃🏻 “My TakeAway” 💃🏻

Its one of the beautiful days for me.

Unconditionally, this kind soul got me a ring or rather offered to split the share.  First time ever in my entire life.

Beautiful Piece 💚

Needless to say, kindness can form in many ways. Need not be in monetary, could be in any form. Being kind to any souls subconciously may empower the person in many ways.

It does to me.

I must say this – It is not about the value of the ring but the kind gesture empower me to act kind to many others.

Think about it, she could use S$150.00 on herself.

That is a choice she can make. Hence I would say it is kind of her, appreciate the kind gesture.

“Hope She is blessed with Abundance”

Lets spread the love, my friends and do share your beautiful days here #sharingiscaring😊

Pay it Forward and create BeUtiful Days for everyone…


Readers’ TakeAway :  Founder, Daniel Swarovski 24 Oct 1862 – 23 Jan 1956, a Czech Inventor